Dear colleagues,

The Hellenic Sleep Society is pleased to invite you to the 13th Panhellenic Congress on Sleep Medicine that will be held in Athens, at the amphitheater of the 251 General Air Force Hospital, from Friday, November 3 to Sunday, November 5, 2023. Sleep is a fundamental biological pillar of human existence, along with food and fluid intake. The deprivation of sleep and the presence of disorders, that affect its quality, have particularly adverse effects on health, as demonstrated by research over the past decades. The lack or poor quality of sleep contributes as a pathogenic mechanism to many serious and common diseases such as cardiovascular, psychiatric disorders, dementia, susceptibility to infections, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer.

Insomnia and sleep apnea—the two leading sleep-related disorders in terms of frequency—have serious consequences on an individual’s health but also economic implications, which have been estimated and calculated in recent years. They are related to the loss of productivity of the sufferer, due to the side effects on alertness and work capacity, as well as to the increase in the frequency of traffic and work accidents due to drowsiness. In this context, the advancement of sleep medicine research as well as the invention and utilization of new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders is continuous. Our society aims to offer an interesting program, of high standards, with lectures, round tables, and announcements, and to cover a wide range of the subject matter of sleep medicine in a notable scientific event.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and the Organizational and Scientific Committee of the Congress, I extend to you warm greetings.

Emmanuel Vayiakis
President of the Hellenic Sleep Society

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